spring is coming, open the dessert shop in the street business will soon become better, and now invest in a dessert shop, it is a good time. Hong Kong Style dessert is the first to a variety of plants, fruits as raw materials, add natural fine sugar, slow and slow by the transfer of sugar and stew. After development, the traditional desserts, Chinese and Western and nourishing stew has become the main component part of Hong Kong style dessert. With the passage of time, Hong Kong Style dessert has gradually been accepted by the Chinese mainland, and has become a new hot service industry.

project advantageHigh threshold

1. technology. Hong Kong Style dessert shop, the cost of investment than the opening of a milk tea shop to be high, the production technology is more complex than milk tea, so the threshold is higher.

2. market prospects. Because ordinary people to have the specialized technique of making desserts, so stop the part of entrepreneurs to enter the industry, so the Hong Kong Style dessert will not be like the tea shop as quickly spread, determined to open dessert shop entrepreneurs opportunities, brighter prospects.

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