in life, some occupations are full of danger, often endanger the safety of the lives of many people! Do a good job in preventing and curbing the occurrence of major accidents, it is very necessary, can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents, for the people’s lives and property safety protection.

"Panzhihua to prevent and curb the implementation of the work plan for the implementation of major accidents" has recently issued the implementation of. According to the plan, the city will carry out six aspects of the work of the 21 tasks to prevent and curb serious accidents.

to prevent and curb serious accidents, the city will focus on six major tasks, including the construction of safety risk grading management and the investigation and management of risks prevention of double working mechanism, strengthen production safety protection technology, crack down on all kinds of illegal behavior, punish the source of governance, strengthen production safety and continue to carry out safety special rectification focus on tackling governance, enhance the ability to deal with emergencies such as accident.

in 2018, the construction of the formation of point line surface organic combination, seamless security risk classification control and double hidden investigation and management of preventive work system, responsibility, measures and mechanism of prevention and control of the whole society and common security risk investigation and management of accidents more accurate and effective; construct strict punishment of illegal behavior system serious accidents, the illegal behavior causes have been effectively curbed; to construct a perfect system of security access system, eliminate a number of security low level of small factories and mines and process technology, equipment, etc..

according to the "plan", the counties (districts), all relevant departments and enterprises will be the annual investigation and assessment of the region, the industry focus areas, key positions, key links, according to the corresponding standard, respectively, to determine the safety risk of "red, orange, yellow and blue" (the red is the most senior security risk) four grades. Draw local, industry and enterprise security risk level and major accident hazards distribution of electronic map. According to the law to implement the law enforcement measures, improve the double random checks, dark checks, unannounced visits, joint law enforcement and focus on law enforcement system, the establishment of public security, procuratorial organs, judicial organs involved in the work of security enforcement mechanisms.

"plan" clearly, the various departments at all levels should according to the division of responsibilities, tasks and measures to refine the 2016 to 2018 annual stages, organize timely inspection, timely solve the problems in the process of implementation, to ensure that the work has been effective to curb serious accidents.

in the process of economic development constantly, in the face of all kinds of accidents, in addition to our grief, should do a good job in the prevention and containment measures can effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents, in order to give the people a better explanation!

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