clothing market lucrative, many brands of clothing business is very good, some friends see the advantages of this market, want to invest in clothing stores. So, how to open a clothing store in order to earn wealth, which requires the selection of clothing stores in the time to pay attention to some of the elements.

1, clear positioning, then choose

brand clothing to join the choice, the first is to clarify their position, such as sports series, leisure series, cowboy series, men’s series, the trend of women’s series, with the positioning, in order to have a pre investment concept, to find the right resources at the corresponding open clothing stores better.

is not the clothing type, including style, price is the need to consider, if the right of the facade, so people around how? High consumer groups, mass consumer groups, still belongs to the trend of consumption area, positioning more accurate, make skin milk clothing choice is more targeted, in other words, the success rate is higher.

2, management first, supply second

choose brand clothing to join, in addition to the brand’s own reputation, the primary consideration is the management system, followed by the source. What is a simple list management system? For example, from the beginning to the commodity management, order, delivery cycle control, return system, each quarter there will be many new settlement or discount system, policy support, operation promotion and so on are quite mature, with the back of such management system support, opened a clothing store. Even supply slightly unsatisfactory, are available through the promotion, return to compensate for the loss.

on the other hand, is the only source of beautiful, trend, management support can not keep up, it is easy for the struggling, opened a clothing store, more fashion, more vulnerable to seasonal effects, once the backlog of inventory, and there is no clear security, let alone the inventory managers do not eat disappear.

above is related to some of the clothing store, I hope you will pay more attention to this. As operators, choose the brand clothing to join is a peace of mind and can make the business fast track is good, but it must not blindly, listen to the price advantage, supply advantages do investment decisions, I am afraid the future is quite huge to bear the cost of.