said the company is now registered simple, many entrepreneurs have the idea of registered companies. So what exactly does the registered company need? Want to know the answer to this question, might as well bear the heart to read the following paragraph, so you can know how to register the company.

in Hefei city administrative service center, the reporter through visits to industry and commerce, quality inspection, tax, tax and other multi service window after summed up the steps of the process of the company registration. Step one, nuclear; step two, to the street where the registered company for housing rental certificates; step three, to Industrial and Commercial Bureau window handle business license; step four, the Bureau of quality supervision window to run the organization code certificate; step five, the tax department to do the window tax registration certificate; step six, to the bank to open basic account.

Third, if the nuclear name, housing rental permits completed cases, business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate for the fastest 7 days to run. In turn in order to handle required materials to industry and commerce, quality inspection and tax service window to receive service notice, in accordance with the requirements to inform on a single homogeneous material. In the meantime, with the business license to the public security designated Professional Seal-Carving Services shop engraved seal and financial seal.

from the above content, in fact, registered companies are not so complicated, ready, grasp each step on the line. Of course, some people will be reluctant to sign up for the registration process, that it is too cumbersome, so you can take other companies to find the agency approach, but to pay a few hundred dollars of the cost of capital.

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