many entrepreneurs have complained that no money, no place, what is not how entrepreneurship ah? In fact, the way of all kinds of business, there are many, as long as you really want to do business and make money, it is bound to find the wealth of good business! The following small for you recommend several thousand shops, earning large quantities of gold each day a good example!

shop, earning large quantities of gold each day.


X smart anti-theft mobile phone sets and the appearance of the ordinary mobile phone is exactly the same, the phone will be automatically stolen before the alarm, to remind the host and the surrounding masses, and scare off the thief, and the owner will not open their own alarm. Features include: sound, vibration, sound and vibration alarm, alarm, music alarm, etc.. The style is casual, sharp, rounded edge type, folding type, oil type, divided into pure leather and leather series series of two types, high, medium and low-grade 100 kinds. The product came out instantly detonated the small commodity market, a hot national anti-theft mobile phone sets.

1000 yuan: nail beauty, shop, earning large quantities of gold each day to do what

will be beautiful details

General after formal training, only half a month’s time to master this technology, tuition is only 2000 yuan. You are ready to 2-3 million in start-up capital plus, including a dry hand care, nail sticker, color ink-jet printing, hand-painted patterns and other business projects Manicure center will be able to successfully build up. 1) the initial one-time investment of equipment (phototherapy machine, drying machine, hand basin, etc.) about 1200 yuan; 2) monthly expenses: 1000 yuan Manicure materials; 3) rent: several thousand yuan to 10000 yuan; 4): according to the general performance of flexible artificial percentage; 5) monthly income: Net income. Million yuan.

see a small series of reports, whether you are enlightened, have a new understanding of entrepreneurship, there are new ideas? Then act quickly, business opportunities are hard to find, Time will not wait for me!