now society, some extracurricular education industry began to rise at the same time, the education industry from beginning to end is a sunrise industry, a lot of business opportunities in the market, want to run a successful individualized education institution, it should pay attention to the construction of the management system.

1,   evaluation system

have high performance, there must be a high standard, high demand, high wages. At the beginning of the people, the sex of the lazy, want to be lazy, system management. Said a lot of management decentralization, but other things are not any change, or conservative, so that decentralization is certainly. Decentralization means the change of rights and responsibilities, "coup" will make everything change. When you turn right down, we must also take responsibility and restraint together decentralization, for just to get more rights of new managers, if not a cage put them right trapped, let him play limited, otherwise will only have two results: one is to do with him two, what is to kill you. The evaluation system includes new systems and processes, and even the new salary system, to make the right, right to play in the play.

2,   organization system

3,   incentive system

4,   monitoring system

In fact, the personalized education institutions


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