an industry wants to develop, can not do without the support of funds. At present, in order to promote the innovation and development of the pharmaceutical industry in Sichuan province. Take the support of the award on behalf of the way, the development of financial reporting. Specifically what is going on? And Xiaobian together to understand.

yesterday reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, to implement the "implementation of the opinions" of the general office of the people’s Government of Sichuan province to speed up the development of pharmaceutical industry innovation, the provincial Commission by letter and the Provincial Department of Finance jointly decided that from now on, will take Yijiangdaibu support, organize the 2016 provincial pharmaceutical industry innovation development fund projects within the province.

according to the provincial Commission by letter chemical medicine department introduced this special reporting award funds ranging from 600 thousand yuan to 1 million 500 thousand yuan, to encourage and guide social capital to participate in the development of the pharmaceutical industry innovation, accelerate the pace of independent innovation in pharmaceutical industry, promote the pharmaceutical enterprises bigger and stronger, to consolidate and develop the characteristics of competitive industries, to further enhance the comprehensive competition the ability of the province’s pharmaceutical industry.

reporter saw in the special reporting guidelines, and support include: National Drug Certificate of drug, and has three types of medical equipment products innovation of national invention patent certificate and registration certificate of medical devices, and for the first time in Sichuan industrial projects; relying on genuine high-quality medicines in areas of unique advantages in resources, the construction scale of genuine medicinal materials in the planting base, and through GAP certification project.

is understood to provide the relevant application materials and prove the project declaration enterprises, according to the principle of territorial management to the city (prefecture) or county by letter department and finance department to declare; central directly to the provincial Commission by letter and the Provincial Department of Finance and the application in Sichuan Provincial enterprises. Provincial Commission by letter to the enterprise to declare the material for review, and by the provincial Commission by letter in conjunction with the Provincial Department of finance expert review.

The development of

industry needs to be supported by funds. Sichuan province is planning for the development of pharmaceutical industry. I believe that after a series of policy guidance, Sichuan pharmaceutical industry innovation will be funding for their effective development.

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