opened a clothing store, we must correctly recognize their own situation, should also examine the project, sometimes a small mistake may seem insignificant, but there may be your clothing stores into the abyss of failure. Here are 6 possible reasons for the failure of the franchise chain.

1. join motivation biased

the best clothing store chain could not guarantee that all the stores are one hundred percent business success. Do not think that once joined, they can do nothing, all by the headquarters to manage. You have to remember, clothing stores and headquarters is different, the headquarters provides only a join operation combination, you must be in accordance with its experience and guidance, follow the prescribed order and practical to carry out, can be successful.

2. when the funds to join the

3. did not conduct a detailed investigation before joining

this kind of failure is not in the minority. For some members will clothing store chain general Kan people joined the general I Ding Qing, always think first join in say, after the question, the headquarters will naturally to help solve. The shop, nor what clothing business headquarters, there are difficulties with headquarters no echo, which found that when the boss is a – not what ideals and aspirations of people, in fact, most is a speculator.

4. did not consider carefully before signing

many clothing stores to join in before signing a contract, the contract is not entirely clear, or because the contract content too multifarious and lazy, he rushed in the contract signed and sealed, so There are plenty of people who failed.

5. himself does not work against the headquarters


is the franchise owner, but not to run the clothing sales. When the manager paid, the pay is not high, but also hope that the manager can all fight for you. Franchise and headquarters is the fate of the community, the success of both sides need to work hard.

6. on their own business ability too confident