in order to guide college students to participate in Entrepreneurship and employment, local governments have taken different measures to support entrepreneurship according to the actual situation. Boost the employment and Entrepreneurship of college students, Nanchang, Xihu District to relax the application requirements of small loans, supplemented by training and other means, so that students easier to start a business.

it is reported that since last year, Xihu District Employment Bureau actively encourage and guide the local unemployed and nearby college graduates employment and entrepreneurship, promoting the implementation of employment of small loans, small business loans policy. At the same time in order to ensure that the entrepreneurial success, Xihu District gradually explored the "training + loan + support" one-stop linkage mode, timely organize personnel to apply for small loans to participate in entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship promotion personnel market analysis and management, to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship in order to improve the success rate of loan repayment rate.

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