hot pot hot momentum must be in the eyes of you, even if it is not the catering market in the restaurant, even if it is an ordinary consumer will find the form of food consumption is the most hot pot. What the sea fishing, what shrimp hot pot, what self-help hot pot? The emergence of a variety of hot pot catering to meet the needs of this huge market demand. And every prawns both cater to the root of the tongue and the tongue dependence of spicy, but also enjoy Hot pot after tasting delicious fun end, a combination of the two, the more affordable, Hot pot has a theme. Every prawn inherits culture, and with the public, but also represents a modern concept of consumption. Then join a potter prawns needing to how much money?

investment in a store every prawns need how many money?

analysis of every prawn Investment:

to the county level 350 square meters of shops as an example analysis is as follows:

removal of the kitchen, bar, hallway and other real business area of about 280 square meters. Can accommodate about 140 people dining.

1, join fee: 48 thousand.

2, renovation costs: blank room to 500 yuan per square meter, about 160 thousand. (transfer store to calculate)

4, operating equipment (tableware, tables and chairs, kitchen equipment) a total of 7-8.

5, material fee: 15 thousand.

6, start advertising to promote Qiao fee: 0.4 – 6 thousand.

7, other miscellaneous: (clothing, printing, license, administrative miscellaneous, etc.) 10 thousand.

8, liquidity: 3 – 40 thousand.

total investment in 337 thousand – 359 thousand.

note: the above investment does not include store rentals.

Analysis of

: return every prawn

1, meal number: 140.

2, attendance: Forty percent at noon. Press one hundred percent at night.

3, per capita consumption of 35 yuan.

4, daily turnover: 6860.

5, net interest rate: