is now on the market very much fast food category, Chinese fast food, western fast food is, no matter what kind of fast food in the market has a good market prospect, then opened a snack shop how to choose a good fast food store? Let’s take a look at it.

1. division shopping district


the district is divided into several categories by scoring, taking Beijing as an example, a municipal business type (Xidan, Wangfujing), district level commercial type, designated (target), and the consumption of the type of community, community, business, tourism and so on type dual-purpose type.

2. select Business District

For example,

and KFC and McDonald’s market positioning similar customer groups basically coincide, so the choice is the same in the district. You can see that some places on the same side of the street, on the other side is McDonald’s on the other side is kfc.

values of maturity and stability is also very important. For example, the Planning Bureau said a way to open up the address, in what place, there may be here to become a mature business district in the future, but KFC must wait until the mature looks stable before entering the store, for example three years after the benefit will be good, do not help today, this three years is to put a Kentucky loss? The shop is going to cost millions, of course not the risk, some are relatively stable principles, ensure to open a successful one.

The calculation and selection of

juke point

to determine the values, the main gathering point where.