young and young college students in the business of the sea is weak, once you can not find the direction of entrepreneurship, even with a good idea to do the ship, it may be overturned in the sea. To help students identify the future, Anhui University hired more than 50 business mentor pulse for college students’ entrepreneurship, provide the basis for decision making.

at the Anhui University, said "pocket Andy" almost no one I do not know. The university student research and development of mobile applications, a collection of scores query, curriculum table view, book lending, take away the fast call and so on more than a dozen commonly used functions, was regarded as the campus artifact". Recently, the R & D team have been striving to join the school, soon, "Andy pocket" will link "teachers" financial accounting "repair the property", provide more convenient service for teachers and students.

Mobile phone application

create "pocket Andy" idea, originally from 2013 to participate in the challenge cup". Team leader Chen Tiancong said, the beginning, they just quietly dry, application of the market, the concept of user experience, usability is absolutely ignorant of. Zhang Daming school mentors, Hefei National College of science and Technology Park general manager to the team know, immediately poured cold water: according to this trend to continue, but the creative even now do flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, you may also be a be in full swing, the final "unfinished project"."


on the situation and problems on all understand, Chen Tiancong strengthened his entrepreneurial path, but also have more long-term plans, "compared to know where our core competitiveness". Today, the team has grown from 3 to 35 people, in 2015 also set up a North Korea Information Technology Co., Ltd., capital injection of $5 million.

Entrepreneurial mentor