no matter what is a skill, you can find, for example, shop business is a lot of knowledge of the field, for the shop early entrepreneurs, how to make the store profit is entrepreneurs are most concerned about the problem, the following China joined the net seventeen most easy Shop profits for everyone, for entrepreneurship reference:

1. vendor manage inventory

is also known as supply chain management, which is a combination of all the activities that provide products or services to the market. In general, the enterprise through the system network in time to inform the supplier of the needs of each point of sale, so that suppliers to supplement.

2. management and customer relationship

this is a philosophy of work: focus on the relationship between the enterprise and the customer. Collect information that appears to be in contact with the consumer in order to understand the information and make a more useful estimate that can guide the buyer. 3 years ago, JPMorgan Chase used this approach to connect all channels of communication with customers, because customers are no longer satisfied with the investment process by talking with the recording phone. Rely on this approach, open up direct feedback channels of customer comments and identify the investment group leader, in order to pass the information directly to the decision maker.

3. fiducial mark

this comparison tool is used to find and analyze the better management methods of other enterprises. It is said that after a careful study of the response system of an enterprise, an American hospital has greatly changed its emergency services. Another hospital has improved the patient’s hospitalization and registration system after studying the hotel room reservation system.

4. intersection

to do business it will need regular replenishment, the purchase is a matter of trouble, but if you can use a relatively new way may be much simpler, this is on the way to the final destination to another means of transport of goods from a conveyance to the logistics hubs. Wal-Mart Store Inc in the United States is to take this approach: the focus of the goods in the strategic storage center, and then to its affiliated stores.

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