what kind of buffet can move people, a word is "full", it is to eat a buffet is affordable, the premise is to have a business to make a profit of traffic, how to get traffic, to meet consumer demand is the key. Give consumers want to give consumers unexpected.

would bethe Seafood Buffet franchise, integrated Chinese and Western delicacy, including Korean barbecue, Hot pot, exquisite small fresh seafood sashimi, rich beef and mutton products, desserts, colorful fruit drinks, pizza, French Western-style food, Japanese and Korean cuisine, Shandong, Hunan, Cantonese cuisine as the theme. Unlimited supply, tasted all the delicacy food, hundreds of elite chefs for your dedication to create 300 more countries delicacy: Deep Sea Salmon, grilled oysters, tuna, shrimp, crab, crab, crab, orchid foie gras, and after dinner dessert essential.

our consumer groups are mainly fashionable, enthusiastic, cheerful, successful people, but also to attract people living and working in China, tourism and other foreigners. Do you want to join us? To become the owner of the restaurant issie Betty? Join us, we warmly welcome your


would bethe Seafood Buffet join advantage

rich variety of Companies in this area brings together a variety of flavors, a total of more than two hundred kinds of dishes, nearly ten stalls, such as:

file: seafood products on behalf of Norway salmon, deep-sea geoducks, abalone, bream, Alaska snow crab, shrimp, Himoto Zushi, Sake etc..

Korean barbecue: roast pork, roast meat, roast beef tongue, NIUYAN grilled squid, grilled chicken, grilled Pomfret etc..

self-help pot a pot of autonomy, health.

Teppanyaki stalls: Top steak, French Pomfret, deep sea saury, and pork chop, fried vegetable dish etc. now.

Western-style food stalls: freshly baked French lamb, grilled chicken, Orlean West cold fire, German sausage, Italian pizza homemade plate etc..

: Beijing roast duck, roast meat stalls in Chaozhou brine with modern secret Guangdong style barbecued pork.

fully reflects the local characteristics of Chinese food.

Hong Kong dessert Shandong Yimeng old pancake, DIY fruit bar, ice cream, yogurt, fresh fruit juice.

professional management team

company has a group of more than five years buffet business