a lot of people like to eat steamed stuffed bun, so the steamed stuffed bun store also opened one after another, if you also want to open their own investment steamed stuffed bun shop, then you have to do the preparatory work. The relevant procedures are essential to open a shop, open the steamed stuffed bun shop what procedures? How to handle? Let’s get to know.

must first apply for self-employed business license:

1. ready to store a copy of the real estate license, (if it is rented house also need to rent agreement)

2. own ID copy 2  , one inch photo 5.

3. to the local industry and commerce application form for industrial and commercial business license.

4. to the local tax office to do the tax registration certificate, and now seems to have to apply for industry code card, in the quality inspection bureau.

5. to get the tax registration certificate after the application for invoices, invoices can be divided into 2 types:

First, according to the

Second, according to the invoice amount each month according to the tax rate of

6. the whole process of charging about 500 yuan, the time is probably about 15 to 30 days, the different

to open a baozi Inn should first turn, ready to complete the formalities, it is necessary for you to shop. Before you open the steamed stuffed bun shop, the above documents must be complete, because the restaurant is also involved in food hygiene issues, it is necessary to go to the health department to do a health permit.