actually store area of only a few dozen words, you can choose a lot of investment projects. Xiao Bian recommend that we can choose a better wine agent brand, so you can start the wine business, such a large store enough, it is worth the attention of franchisees.

Whether residential or commercial

join support:


1. tasting wine support: the company gives 10%-30% tasting wine support, can arrange for professionals to help hold a reception.

2. decoration support: agents in the local shop, renovation costs can be completed in accordance with the proportion of reimbursement.

3. training support: before and after the continuous training guidance, to market development, tasting will use the program and professional knowledge training.

4. regional proxy support: signing enjoy the exclusive rights of the region, enjoy the lower level agents roll bonus.

5. advertising support: the company in the mainstream media three-dimensional propaganda, agents local promotional costs in accordance with the company and agents 1:1 investment.

6. terminal support: unified promotional materials, POP leaflets, small gifts, promotional brochures and other promotional products, promotional gifts perennial follow-up.

7. theme and promotional activities support: local offices and sales team responsible for the national and regional market project refinement, providing a mature model of the market and business solutions.

8. automatic upgrade support: in a certain contract period, the purchase amount requirements, you can apply for regional automatic upgrade.

9. exchange goods, logistics support: adjustable replacement (does not affect the two sales) logistics costs borne by me.

10: at the end of the year award support: according to the agents at all levels to complete the annual task of eligible 4%-12% rebate, more cars with


30 stores to 40 square meters of small shops open for what shop? It is certainly a wine agent, 0 risk, 100 percent return, where all good brands sell, also important cities (including municipal districts and the county agency) more than 100% of the annual task index, and annual stock return the amount of 10%—12%; and can reward car.