now a lot of industry industry there are many pitfalls, we need a little bit of beware, if not careful it is easy to "go astray" from my personal experience, after a failure, one of my greatest experience is not beyond the things to do not sure. I often tell myself, I would rather miss one hundred chances than make a mistake. After 2001, a lot of projects every day to find us to invest, which also has a good project, but we have not moved, wronged on the wrong. Now it turns out that we missed a few good projects, but avoided a lot of projects that were later proved to be very unsuccessful.

I of the catering industry do not understand, I for your specific operation methods and expansion steps declined to comment, after all, I did not come into contact with the industry. But according to my personal entrepreneurial experience, I think there are two problems.

of the current economic situation, the biggest challenge is not entrepreneurship can find and grasp the opportunities, but can not resist the temptation. Now with ten years ago, the environment is not the same as eight years ago, a lot of people have not come to understand, but also that entrepreneurs can find opportunities to seize the opportunity is the ability. China now has too many opportunities, you do not have to look for opportunities, opportunities will come to the door. All failed companies have a common feature, that is, did not resist the temptation that the front is too long, and finally will be a problem.