does not contact with customers, completely on their own initiative by the customer, in this way, how can we create a higher product sales? I am afraid that in the eyes of most operators should be very clear, want higher product sales, I am afraid it is not easy. The cigarette sales season approaching, some retail businesses appear to confound, no way, only complain it; at a loss what to do, some retail businesses choose to survive this long months of sales season.

and I think that, in the cigarette retail sales season, we should follow up the sales situation changes, timely adjustment of marketing strategy in the marketing service do not short off-season, actively explore the cigarette market, promote the cigarette market off-season sales.

we have a National Development Zone in the town, in my shop near the factory and a lot of enterprises, and they are precisely the largest consumers of cigarettes. So, I shop around the factory and the enterprise as the basis, to carry out the trial smoking cigarettes, buy cigarettes, courtesy of marketing interactive activities. I am in front of the shop to play the theme of "try to smoke cigarettes, buy cigarettes," the banner, and specifically call the factory responsible for the meeting and the reception of the clerk, please come to my store marketing activities.

I put the

store cigarette low high school three grades of "try, try smoking cigarette smoking" high-end focused on those factories and enterprises responsible for reception clerk, and combined with the practice of factories and enterprises to promote brand; and for the general customers, I introduce some cheap cigarettes on their key recommendation. I will give them a small bag of fresh tea as a gift to all consumers who have been invited and volunteered to participate in the activities. The scene decided to buy tobacco smoke through the consumer, the spot immediately get the qualifications of the prize award, a prize card to open his field scratch.

with prizes: first prize, a pack of Chinese cigarettes (Greater China); two prize, a pack of cigarettes; Yellow Crane Tower (soft treasures) third-prize, a pack of cigarettes; Taishan (days show) four prize, a pack of Mount Huangshan (red seal) cigarettes; five prize, a bag of White Sands (Shang Pinhong cigarettes). Through the test of cigarette smoking, tobacco purchase and courteous "promotional activities, strengthen the friendly interaction between businesses and consumers, so that consumers have a further understanding of the brand of the store, and then promote the cigarette sales promotion, sales for the effects of cigarette sales in the off-season.

in addition, I also through the modern network, the use of micro-blog, QQ group and other means of communication technology, the store’s cigarette brand posted on micro-blog, to expand publicity and sales. I also set up a QQ group, invited the usual new and old customers to join, whenever the store a new brand of cigarettes, I will promptly release in the group, so that new and old customers know and comment, and discuss with them. In order to attract more people to join in, I have a small gift for each new customer, such as key, mobile phone shell