excellent step as a modern strength taxi software, to provide a lot of aspects of our lives. However, in order to further enhance their own economic strength and market competitiveness, the introduction of excellent step to enjoy the activities of travel, while working with Xiamen, this is a win-win strategic plan.

7 month 18, excellent step Xiamen to join hands with Seaview Resort Hotel, announced excellent step to enjoy the travel plan (Uber+Travel) landed in Xiamen.

according to reports, the Xiamen city conference held, is beginning to enjoy excellent yuho travel plans landing in Xiamen, preliminary is expected to be excellent step Chinese southern city drainage to Xiamen tourists provide assistance, but also to the Xiamen tourism resources to provide more channels to expand outward. According to the Xiamen excellent step for Lin Li, for the excellent step of loyal users to launch UIP plan in Xiamen, has 57000 members, CO branded to the welfare of future in southern city tongdui.

according to reports, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Changsha jointly launched the three "Uber weekend tour courtesy integrates three well-known hotel and catering resources Uber Southern China district responsible person Luo Gang said, Uber think the message is: Uber is a global product, is also a local product, urban people for a short weekend have a strong desire and demand, Uber is willing to use their own resources and strengths to meet the needs of users, and let the user loyalty Uber priority to get more courtesy. Xiamen excellent step users can enjoy the first line of Guangzhou, Changsha brand hotel accommodation and catering discounts and free places, after arriving in Guangzhou, will also enjoy the convenience of step travel.

conference, Seaview Resort Xiamen Liu Jinqiao, deputy general manager of the hotel came to power sharing, introduced the cooperation model and excellent step Xiamen. Seaview Resort in catering, accommodation, spa plates are excellent step users offer a discount or free experience preferential, and excellent step will also be in South City synchronized push cooperation information, let the user direct welfare excellent step through a variety of ways.

statistics show that in 2015 the city of Xiamen, the first time exceeded 60 million visitors reception. At the same time, relying on the "Xiamen construction advantages of smart city, through the sharing of relevant data involved in tourism development, and the use of the Internet and big data technology, built the first domestic tourism industry total factor of big data platform", in the days before the end of 2016 Chinese "Internet plus" Tourism Forum, won the "2016 China" Internet "excellent tourism city", and the wisdom of tourism re construction industry certainly.

Xiamen’s tourism industry in recent years has been the creation of a new culture, tourism industry in Xiamen area, has been recognized by many tourists, tourism development is hot, the taxi demand is great. Excellent step to enjoy the tour stationed in Xiamen, on the one hand can effectively recommend