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bywaysun uses two times into the wind, thermal cycling and storage heat radiation structure design of independent system, carey designed fire position, can make combustion, charcoal smoke-free fly ash, completely avoid the baked food oil dripping onto charcoal, charcoal and traditional unique flavor to the extreme dry. Bywaysun can also according to the characteristics of food, free to adjust the size of the fire, to ensure that all kinds of food to achieve the optimum roasting effect, and overcomes the defects in the traditional charcoal easily burnt food, bywaysun and carbon can save more than 50%.

bywaysun equipment not only can roast sheep and cattle, pig, chicken kebabs, grilled fish, also shrimp, seafood, vegetables and fruits and other food, such as: drunk meat string, crispy pork, fish sauce, spicy chicken wings, grilled fuguixiang, one time pill, fresh letinous edodes string. Spicy tofu, spicy barbecue, cartilage and so allow consumers to eat. Bywaysun a fastfood car barbecue, fried, Shabu, Teppanyaki, Oden, hot and sour powder random combination of various functions, any transformation, what do bywaysun local investors selling, what make money selling what business is hot money.

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