to create a beautiful, elegant, livable living environment, to the north of the city people to provide a good working and living environment, and effectively solve the problem of oil fumes nuisance. North District Environmental Protection Bureau centralized power organization within the jurisdiction of the thirteen section to Xigang cooking fume pollution control special operations, a clear time limit, implement the responsibility to carry out targeted fume pollution of catering investigation work. Law enforcement officers on the area of the catering industry to conduct Mopai check and formulate rectification plan, the deadline to complete the task to install fume purification facilities, after investigation, as of early August, to the designated area (thirteen to Xigang) in a total of 108 food and beverage industry to conduct a comprehensive rectification. Has the use of clean energy 60, without the use of clean energy 48, installed fume purifier has 29, need to install fume purifier has 16, has done the high-altitude emissions of 66, need to do the high-altitude emissions are 3.