reporter learned from the provincial admissions, I recently held in the province in 2016 common entrance examination training and prevention of high-tech cheating in the work of the forum, the province recruitment agencies at all levels of the main person in charge of information and technical staff of more than and 100 people attended.

forum, we will prevent the entrance of high-tech cheating brainstorming ideas. The conference summed up in recent years around the province in the prevention of examination cheating, high-tech office test safety work has advanced experience and effective practices of the college entrance examination, safety warning education, the "criminal law amendment < nine >" in the relevant provisions relating to examination were focused on the study and interpretation. The meeting participants carried out the college entrance examination, examination of harmful information monitoring, emergency plan, online video monitoring system debugging using the technology, the college entrance examination entry training and anti cheating equipment demonstration. The meeting pointed out that in 2016 the college entrance examination work, at all levels across the province to recruit a clear understanding of the situation, strengthen safety office examination of the sense of responsibility and urgency, to ensure the college entrance examination fair, safe, scientific and standardized implementation; two to focus, grasp the safety office test focus on the implementation of the task; three to strict management, keep good spirit and work style; four careful preparation, accurate test, to ensure the smooth implementation of examination and enrollment in 2016.