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, Chengdong District, village committees as one falls, another rises held the party’s mass line educational practice mobilization meeting, at the moment, the village and neighborhood committees are closely combined with their characteristics, Gexianshentong strengthening of public convenience Huimin measures to improve the service level of the masses.

reporter after the interview was informed that in the village "two committees" with the countryside cadres a propaganda to the villagers party series of rich peasants benefiting the agriculture policy, solicit public opinions and suggestions, timely find problems, formulate specific measures to solve the problem. Halal Lane Community neighborhood unity and organize the masses to carry out the "love green green" volunteer service activities, to wipe down the street fence, kiosks, clean up the green belt, and the spring pits trash, watering trees; organize volunteer condolences activities for the elderly and disabled, Shen Guoying Guo Jiang sent 50 pounds and 10 pounds of flour, oil, and help the elderly and disabled cleaning, influence and lead the residents to participate in volunteer service activities. The neighborhood have organized by the "national unity in the summer flowers bloom" and women’s arts and crafts, family cooking demonstrations and other activities, stimulate the enthusiasm of the broad masses of women entrepreneurs mohamed.