In December 18th, reporters from the provincial fire department learned that this year the province’s 13 newly built fire-fighting crane, to meet the cold, ice and other various kinds of complicated conditions need to fire water, ensure uninterrupted water supply, the water supply of fire fighting and rescue tasks. In recent years, with the rapid development of Qinghai’s economic construction and urban development, the construction of municipal fire hydrant can not meet the needs of urban development and fire fighting. In order to fundamentally solve the problem of winter fire fighting water, Xining, Hainan, and other states, Haibei municipal government actively coordinate, investigation, and give great support, built in 2013 13 fire-fighting crane seat, opened convenient ways for fire fighting water. At present, our province basically use underground water supply in the form of fire hydrant, due to the cold weather in the winter, the ground often snow, in the fire fighting and rescue needs, search and use of the fire hydrant is very inconvenient, and often covers wellhead freezing, fire fighting hard to open, to bring the enormous influence, so obviously the disadvantages of underground fire hydrant. The fire-fighting crane with cold equipment and automatic drainage device, can effectively prevent the cold air invasion of the underground pipe network, these advantages make up for deficiencies in the underground fire hydrant. The fire-fighting Crane quickly pay and convenient operation, the advantages of cold antifreeze has gradually been accepted by the masses and the government. The next step, the province will continue to increase efforts in building, is expected to 2015, the province will add fire-fighting crane 18, a total of 31 seats, will greatly enhance the overall efficiency of fire fighting and rescue of fire forces.