to speed up the establishment of national forest city pace, according to the National Forest City evaluation standards, combined with the actual situation of forest city construction in Xining City, "the Township Forest" and "forest village", "Forest Park", "forest channel" and "forest people" the five event will be created within the city in full swing.

April 15th, reporters learned that the leading group to create a national forest city work conference from the city, a selection of five forest ecological greening in urban and rural areas as the focus, to mobilize and organize the city’s extensive afforestation activities to create a green home, "let the forest into the city, making the city to embrace the forest".

it is understood that the "Forest Township" in all villages and towns to create objects; "forest village" in the administrative villages to create objects; "Forest Park" in various industrial park the scope for creating objects; "forest" channel to connect the city, county, township, more than 5 kilometers of road length for creating objects the "forest people"; to the forest environment as the background of tourism reception for creating objects.

it is reported that the forest will create a five selection activities to build a tree based urban forest green. Selection activities to adopt a unified standard, grading assessment, unified naming. Activities are divided into four stages: organization and implementation, reporting and recommendation, acceptance and selection and recognition. Project started in May this year, July 2014 to October 2014, November 2014 to January 2015, the comprehensive evaluation, from February 2015 to March 2015 by the Municipal Committee awarded the "township green forest" and "forest village", "Forest Park", "forest channel", "forest people". Among them, the "forest people" needs into the forest culture and folk customs as a whole, the tourist reception ability, management level, service facilities, quality and hygiene standards to "Xining Nongjiale star rating" Samsung above standard. (author: Sheng Nan Hu Zhirong)