is now the director of the Provincial Federation of supply and marketing director Wang Yuhu, who served as governor of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the source of Sanjiang love".

Sanjiang is located in the hinterland of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, is the most important ecological function area, known as the "Chinese water tower", and Yushu is located in the core area of Sanjiang.

participated in the twelve session of the National People’s Congress before the four meeting, in order to experience the new changes in the source area of Sanjiang, he made a special trip to Yushu.

"here is a good trend of ecological environment day, see the herdsman’s home in the new house is strong and beautiful, all kinds of electrical appliances, hear the most is the king, we must thank the state! Thank you! ""

this is the common aspiration of the herdsmen in the source area of Sanjiang, is behind the continuous improvement of the ecological environment of joy.

in the middle of the twentieth Century, due to the combined effects of climate change and human activities, the ecological system of the source region of Sanjiang has suffered a large area of continuous degradation. In 2005, the State Council approved the "overall planning" ecological protection in Qinghai Sanjiang source of natural protection and construction; as a continuation, a project development and promotion strategy, in early 2014, the State Council approved the implementation of the "Qinghai Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of the two phase of the project plan". In the top-level design of the state, with the joint efforts of people of all ethnic groups in the province, Sanjiang source project successfully completed, the two phase of the project implementation of the province, increase the grass green water increasing effect, Sanjiang source to reproduce the beauty of the lake 1000.

"I’m going to take Sanjiang to Beijing with the source of herdsmen voice, tell you that we are creating strong and plentiful" Chinese water tower "has taken a solid pace." Wang Yuhu said.

arrived in Beijing, the twelve session of the National People’s Congress after the opening of the four meeting, Wang Yuhu happily walked out of the Great Hall of the people. "I noticed that this year’s" government work report "specifically referred to the perfect ecological compensation mechanism, the implementation of a new round of grassland ecological protection subsidy incentives, the Qinghai and Sanjiang source of ecological protection is closely related, we want to bring back the good news."

people’s representative for the people. Because the situation led Sanjiang source, in this year’s two sessions, Wang Yuhu and around the ecological compensation mechanism proposed.

in recent years, Qinghai to promote the source of ecological compensation mechanism in Sanjiang, started the implementation of a number of ecological compensation policies, such as education, employment, ecological post.

ecological compensation in the source area of Sanjiang is still in the initial stage, facing many difficulties. Ecological compensation should be continued on the basis of the existing policy awesome." Wang Yuhu suggested that strengthening the system of top-level design from the national level, the establishment of ecological compensation mechanism of lasting stability, water resources and wetlands into the scope of compensation, motivation of ecological protection, from the long-term and fundamental solution to the ecological protection and construction of Sanjiang source problem.