to promote the two responsibilities, a comprehensive grasp and evaluation of municipalities and provincial departments, units and members of the leadership team to fulfill the responsibility of honest honest construction, to further promote the province’s clean government and anti-corruption work in depth, recently, according to the provincial department, the province’s 2016 annual honest honest responsibility system of the construction of the special inspection the assessment work started, will implement the centralized inspection honest honest responsibility system of the construction of 70 provincial units of 8 city states.


check to form a total of 11 groups were led by the provincial Party Secretary and governor and Provincial Standing Committee members, vice governor, department level leadership cadres of the head of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial office, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the provincial organs of staff members, and invited the Provincial Supervision Department of special supervisors and members of the democratic parties participate in the examination and supervision. The assessment take listening to the reports, the General Assembly convened assessment, honesty Responsibility Evaluation of democracy, individual conversations, access to information, field of view, feedback and other forms of. Focus on examination of study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai "four to" the important instructions, implement the self-discipline rules, disciplinary regulations and accountability regulations, check the implementation of the main responsibility of the Party committee, implement the style construction regulations, strengthen discipline construction, strengthen the leadership and regulate the political life of the party, the Party leadership mainly responsible person to fulfill the first responsibility and leadership team members perform a pair of responsibility and discipline fulfill its oversight responsibilities, remediation and solve the problem of corruption, and the people around unwholesome tendencies Committee inspection agencies feedback problems and in clean and honest examination of feedback problem rectification and other content, the scope of examination is more comprehensive, more focused, more stringent standards. Inspection results will serve as an important basis for the party and government leadership and its members performance evaluation, incentives and selection and appointment.