In July 25th, Xining city "migrant workers library" and listed East District Community Library Book Distribution ceremony held in the garden community, city library and the East District 12 new community site in hand to start building 12 "floating community library" and 2 "community public electronic reading room". It is reported that the city of migrant workers is the 2014 "library" activities to create a culture of Xining · scholarly xiadou "national reading theme activities, the relative concentration of migrant workers by the library in my city, the establishment of community library" of migrant workers". Reporters at the scene learned that the city has created the first set up 3 "migrant workers library", and carefully selected 1500 books to the distribution of 3 library, the distribution of books content, easy to understand, friends can read in the library of migrant workers, also can borrow to the dormitory, fully meet the needs of the migrant workers friends and the reading needs of community residents. In order to attract more people to read, read good books, the city library will regularly change the flow of these books. Migrant workers live a happy scene, said: with a mobile library, we can not only increase knowledge, but also enhance the professional level, good." It is reported that the city will be followed in the north, West, central, the establishment of migrant workers mobile library"…… The city’s four districts and counties will create a total of 100 migrant workers mobile library and the public reading room of the 80, and strive to be completed before the end of the plan to complete the construction of the.