in September 13th, by the Xining occupation Xining city college graduates employment service month center joint Xining evening news held that the difficult employment of college graduates to help large talent recruitment center held in Xining city occupation introduction. The recruitment site recruitment and recruitment of a total of 65 employers, providing all kinds of professional and technical positions of the 2035, attracting the province’s 600 job seekers to participate in.

reporter learned that the scene in the recruitment of the employer and the number of job seekers increased considerably, the proportion of college graduates who are still the majority of the job, but compared to the past, 2013 graduates job attitudes to the rational transformation. From the job situation, all kinds of college graduates in the job market has become the main force, has experienced exploration of social practice from students identity two months later, many participate in the recruitment of graduates has started to change the concept of employment, its location is reasonable, is conducive to a selection of talents and individual career development. This year’s work is very difficult to find, and we may have some idea of the initial employment relationship. As long as you can settle down, improve yourself, accumulate experience and then slowly choose other work." Graduates Huang students at the recruitment site told reporters. (author: Liu Caiying)