June 18th night to 19, the Xining area of precipitation obvious weather process, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau to seize the opportunity to carry out artificial rainfall operations. According to June 20th 8 data, the city heavy rain, rainfall center in Datong County Taer, precipitation is 33.9mm, of which Xining twenty shop precipitation is 19.7mm, Datong station precipitation is 30.7mm, Huangzhong station Huangyuan Railway Station precipitation is 25.2mm, precipitation is 9.4mm. The city has a total of 14 monitoring stations over 25mm rainfall reached the magnitude of rainfall, mainly in the chase and Huangzhong County area.

the precipitation is conducive to crop growth, effectively alleviate the early (mid May to mid June) in Xining twenty shop, Huangzhong and other regions. At the same time to purify the air, consolidate the results of urban and rural greening effect.

for the precipitation process, Xining city meteorological station early on 16 June, the municipal government and relevant departments to provide "there will be a significant precipitation weather process in June 17th to 19 in our city region, soil drought weather information in some areas will be relieved, and remind the relevant departments to take preventive measures. During the process of city meteorological station closely monitoring the evolution of precipitation process, and the city flood control office and three county defense, promptly to the relevant departments to send the information of rainfall.