for the farmers and herdsmen to successfully enter the market, adapt to the market, has become an active subject in the market economy, the provincial science and technology department for the province’s agriculture and animal husbandry development before the production, production, post production push service, at present, has been completed at the provincial level integrated service platform of multifunctional rural information set of voice, SMS, video, network one, has joined the traceability system of agriculture and animal husbandry province more than 40 industry leading enterprises 100 kinds of products.

it is understood that the full range of agricultural and animal husbandry intelligent service demonstration project involves the production of technology, market transactions, agricultural supplies, security and electronic transactions retroactive. Through the integration of science and technology, agriculture, culture, health, labor protection, land resources, supply and marketing cooperatives, meteorology, water conservancy, forestry and other departments and universities, research institutes and other units of the advantages of resources, the provincial comprehensive service platform built multi function of rural informatization in voice, SMS, video and network in one of the. There are more than 40 provincial agricultural and animal husbandry industry leading enterprises 100 kinds of products to achieve product quality and safety traceability traceability platform, and build up the characteristics of Qinghai agricultural and livestock products sales shop in shop No. 1, Jingdong, Alibaba, Tmall mall and other well-known electronic business platform, opened a beautiful Qinghai Museum and Xining Museum, museum, Hainan Museum, Haidong Haixi, Golog, Yushu Museum Museum Museum, the Museum of local innovation business platform, realizes the traceability of product sales, sales of products can be traced back, as of now, online transactions amounted to about 20000000 yuan.