in the morning of August 12th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a celebration of the 60 anniversary of the founding of new China and the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to build the Bureau of calligraphy and painting, stone, photography exhibition for 60 years.

from East, West and other four districts of more than 100 police visited the exhibition of more than three counties. The exhibition featured 147 works, theme, content, forms, the works contains the majority of the city’s police system reform and development, concerned about the progress of social civilization, precious spirit of dedication to the youth for national security and social stability in Xining in their respective positions, to fully express the majority of police officers loyal to the party, love the party, look forward to the sincere feelings of rich, strong and prosperous motherland.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau was founded sixty years ago, the city’s public security organs at all levels closely rely on the masses, and good governance, and of one heart and one mind hard pioneer and strict law enforcement, in order to combat crime, to eradicate the evil, made an indelible contribution to the protection of national security and people’s life and property safety, but also to create a political firm, fine style excellent quality, the Xining public security team, she is the solid foundation for the development of Xining public security performance.