September 11th, the reporter learned from the Finance Department of Xining City, the introduction of the development of small and micro hotel related policies in Xining City, Xining city departments actively help, such as small hotel in the capital of the province developed bamboo shoots after a spring rain, quickly, effectively alleviate the difficult problem of the tourist season accommodation. In order to better encourage social forces to run small and micro hotels, Xining city finance department has issued a special grant of 11 million yuan of funds to honor the government’s commitment to boost tourism.

as of now, Xining City, in line with the conditions, has handled the formalities and operation of small and micro Hotel up to 48, a total of 3093 beds. In accordance with the "Xining city to support the development of small and micro Hotel" and "Xining family hotel incentives" and other policy measures, Xining city to encourage the community to use the idle real estate offering small hotels, family hotels, farmhouse courtyard ", and according to each bed to give 1500 yuan to 6000 yuan of funds to support. At present, Xining City, district two levels of finance has been in full proportion of the proportion of the ratio of 7 to 2012 in the first batch of the year in the first batch of 48 small and micro Hotel support funds of $11 million 42 thousand in 3. The implementation of preferential policies for small and micro Hotel, not only played a financial "42 pounds" role, leveraging social capital 145 million yuan, and make full use of idle assets and promote the social employment as many as 550 people, improve the people’s income, but also for visitors to provide a lot of convenience. (author: Zhou Jianping)