"Can you give people in the food safety on a satisfactory account, is a major test of our ability to govern, the government work report proposed in 2014 the city will create a national food safety demonstration city, this is a new challenge for us, which requires all levels of food and drug supervision and administration department more focus from the subtle, to further refine the management measures." January 5th, the city food and drug administration, attended the staff told reporters more than a week.

food safety, the first is "production", must hold safety production environment, treatment to flood control, agricultural production and environmental purification, cut off the chain of pollutants into farmland. Food safety is also a tube out, to form a cover from farm to table the whole process of the regulatory system, the establishment of more stringent food safety regulatory responsibility and accountability system, the power and responsibility closely linked. At present, our city has established the food and drug inspection center, which will effectively solve the city’s food and drug safety requirements of the food and drug supervision inspection of infrastructure construction and people’s increasingly unsuited to the problem, but also provides a powerful support and protection for the people of Xining to ensure food and drug safety.

Medicine and food safety

, related to the vital interests of the people, in 2014, the city’s food and drug supervision and management departments at all levels to create a national food safety demonstration city as an opportunity to push forward the construction of the integration of urban and rural areas of food and drug safety supervision, crack down on violations of all kinds of food and drug safety in accordance with the law, with the most stringent standards, the most stringent management, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability, let liezhe illegal selling fake goods and have no place to hide, to ensure that people eat more food safety, with more assured drugs. (author: Xiao Fang)