At the recent meeting of the national organization of the meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping on the "cadres" put forward the judgment standard, put forward "cadres" to achieve the "firm belief, public service, diligent and pragmatic, dare to play, clean and honest", the general secretary Xi Jinping discussed the strong pertinence and practical significance. Each of our leading cadres of the party should have deep thinking, consciously practice. In the organization work conference, the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining combined with the reality of our province, on the meaning of good cadres made a further interpretation of the work requirements. I understand, learn and implement the spirit of the national, provincial organizations and propaganda work conference, we must strive to do the party and the people recognized good cadres, to cultivate and strengthen the four forces, and practice and advocate the "four"".

practice of general secretary Xi Jinping on the elaboration of good cadres, we must cultivate the four forces, that is, political force, the development of power, the implementation of courage, integrity ability

must enhance political concentration in learning. Political commitment is to ensure that the development of power is the premise, the implementation of the initiative is the key, the ability to clean is required. Political force is the right direction, high faith, faith firm, strong confidence, political concentration is the performance of political maturity. At any time, the ideal can not be lost, can not lose faith, faith cannot be lost, do not doubt, not in front of major issues issues of right and wrong swing, not shake, not listening to road trail, not speak about rules of unspoken rule, to strengthen the awareness of Party members, the party faithful to the party, the party responsible for due diligence. Sober in theory, politically firm. To study the sublimation of political consciousness, conscientiously study Marxism Leninism basic principle especially the latest achievements of the Marx doctrine of Chinese, study hard Chinese theory of socialist system, through the study of communist ideals, faith Chinese socialism, the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly firm firm, people-oriented concept of governing for the people. Always do with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee in the political, ideological, action to maintain a high degree of consistency, and the provincial Party committee, the municipal Party committee to maintain a high degree of consistency, the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics loyal practice. It can also be simply said that political forces require us to listen to the party’s words, according to the requirements of the party life, work, progress.

must strengthen the development momentum in the performance of their duties. Development is the absolute principle. The basic situation of the people still not rich, still not strong demands of our development impulses must always be strong, each of us a cadre should have a strong general impulse, vibrant entrepreneurial passion. Should take a positive attitude, full of vigor and vitality, to strive for the enthusiasm of the first, the spirit of optimism and self-confidence, hard work, director of entrepreneurship, forge ahead and achieve value. In the face of opportunities, we must dare to move forward; in the face of difficulties and dangers, we must dare to challenge; in the face of backwardness, we must dare to go first; in the face of competition, we must dare to contest. We are in a period of rapid development, is experiencing growing pains". Along with the economic development and reform and opening up more deeply, we are faced with contradictions in the work will be more and more complicated, the difficulties in the development will be more difficult and more challenging, which requires each of our cadres dare to play, dare to be responsible, dare to touch, good work, perseverance does not pull up;