April 5th, author from Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau even bargain department was informed that, recently, the law enforcement officers seized 73 tons of chemical fertilizer in the area of the alleged false propaganda dabuzi north area, and another 6 tons have been sold out.

March 28th, farmers in Chengbei District Baoziwan area market inspection department law enforcement personnel, found a suspicious van hung outside the license, immediately intercepted the car inspection, found the car on the 25 tons of compound fertilizer (also known as race phosphate) suspected of false propaganda packaging. According to the driver, this batch of fertilizer from dabuzi supply and marketing cooperatives operating the Department of fertilizer purchased. Law enforcement officers immediately went to the supply and marketing cooperatives in the yard for inspection, seized 48 tons of similar fertilizer have not yet carried away. According to the supply and marketing cooperatives dabuzi business department responsible person explained, this batch of fertilizer is two times purchased from Shandong, a total of 79 tons, has 6 tons of sales. According to law enforcement officers, the so-called "game is actually made up of diammonium fertilizer" Sino US joint venture Shandong Kang Tian Chemical Co. Ltd. the production of a compound fertilizer, but to expand its sales, the company in the fertilizer bags to set the label "match diammonium" and "Sino US joint" and "the United States Kang Tian International Chemical Group", and marked with the import and export company code and the United States Kang Tian international chemical industry group in the United States. Etc.. This compound fertilizer so marked, easy to make consumers mistakenly believe that this compound fertilizer is produced by the group of imported fertilizer diammonium phosphate, suspected of false propaganda. Law enforcement officers on the remaining 73 tons to be sealed, and is recovering the sale of fertilizer. (author: Zhao Shengfu

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