history to know after the way how to go, so you want to know what the popular projects this year, the best look at the development of last year in which the industry is good, 2016 what business? In fact, from the situation in 2015 is a traditional industry is relatively stable, although the competition is fierce, there are a lot of industry downturn. But as long as the operation of their own characteristics, want to make money or not much problem.

domestic industry: Shuttle nanny, male nanny 10493

with the beginning of the season, for the children to school, kindergarten shuttle nanny started in the domestic market around the popular, the current market is 20 yuan / hour, if the monthly 700-900 yuan / month, at the same time, to take special care of elderly men living male nanny has become the new darling of the market, as Nanjing Home Economics Association statistics, the number of male nanny for the first half of 2015 2000, and in 2012 the year is only 100 people.

: "riding bicycle specialty" hot once again popular

in a lot of people think that the industry has become a sunset industry bicycle sales, but in Fujian, Guangdong and other people in the industry do not think so, these stores with nowadays fiery "riding" and "dead fly" movement, once again set off a sales boom. At present, the general store to take the experience store + club form. According to local media reports, some of the number of stores has exceeded the number of members. In addition to driving these bicycles, accessories sales, but also for the store to bring more profit points, such as organizational activities, other equipment sales (such as riding clothes).

education and training: community children’s education and training has become a hot investment

According to the

Chinese Franchise Association revealed that the 2013 community children’s education and training project started 10493, because Qinziyuan, early education and other large investment, especially rent pressure, and children in the community training institutions rent pressure is small, and the investment threshold is low, about 10 yuan will be able to start, and the return rate was 35%-40% therefore, the popular market attention. In the just concluded 2015 Shanghai International Franchise Exhibition, community children’s education and training has become one of the highest signing rate of the project site.

freeze-dried food: hidden gold deposits

freeze dry food is fast freezing, ice vacuum dehydration, keep the original color, flavor and taste, nutritional composition and original material appearance, and has good rehydration, and does not contain any additives, is the ideal natural health food. As we all know, instant noodles are frozen vegetables. But only in the field of instant noodles ingredients, China has a huge market. Only this one, Chinese would require an annual 40 thousand tons of freeze-dried food, but in fact Chinese recommended orders