is now a lot of people want to start their own business, in the choice of project selection, who is also a lot of dry cleaners, dry cleaners to open is that many people preferred investment projects, but many investors do not understand the business, to occupy a favorable terrain in a tough market, must learn how to occupy the skills so, to make your dry cleaning talent shows itself. Specifically how to do it? Let’s go and see it.

skills 1: laundry chain store survey. The so-called circle refers to the shops located point as the center outward extension of a distance, this distance as radius, forming a circular ring of consumption. Different values depending on the size of the Yetai industry and have a distinction, in the dry cleaning industry, with a radius of 200M main business district, the radius of 500M for business.


looks that forms the general commercial areas, residential areas, cultural and educational area, office area and mixed area. The district population, occupation, age, consumption habits, flow people, infrastructure, competitors, future development trend, the rent and related costs.

tips two: laundry chain potential customers and laws. All people are consumers, it is natural to store customers. The franchisee must understand the population and the local population density, population growth, population age structure in the choice of location.

according to foreign data show that modern dry cleaning nearly 50% customers from 200 meters from the store area, considering the location of dry cleaning stores may be, are generally required in the project site within a radius of 500 meters, there must be 5000 people in the population.

skills three: laundry chain analysis of traffic geographic conditions. An important reason for the traffic convenience but also select the address to consider, convenient traffic, such as close to the station, wharf, and bus stops, because passers-by more traffic, have set up shop in value.

the corners of an intersection, the highways, good location, high visibility is also set up shop in the middle of the road but in some areas there is a very long central to the belt or railing, limit the pedestrians and vehicles crossing, it will affect the value of set up shop.


store also has a lot of need to pay attention to when the site, so as to make the next business more popular, occupy a favorable terrain, in order to better management, increase the store turnover, earn the most profit. In this paper, the dry cleaners for the operator to occupy a favorable terrain techniques to make a detailed analysis, I hope to help you.

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