used to take bricks and bricks to build up, but the times are different, people’s choice will naturally have a great difference. Now, the kitchen can be said to be the focus of decoration works. Therefore, we must also be careful in the overall cabinet on the right. So how the brand’s overall cabinet is better, following with the small series to look at the overall cabinet of the top ten brands list.

the whole cabinet ten brands list, NO.1 Piana Piana (Guangdong science and art Limited by Share Ltd Home Furnishing fusion kitchen art essence, hundred years with Chinese family tradition cooking habits, leading the taste of life. Known as elegant, fashion, romantic and design practitioner, is also in the high-end lifestyle provider, is the first global science art kitchen).

the whole cabinet ten brands list NO.2, Han Li HANEX (Guangdong Han Li Home Furnishing cabinet Co. Ltd., ten brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, is Chinese environmental product certification mark, the overall China Home Furnishing alliance chairman unit, is committed to the production and development of cabinets, wardrobe, has a world-class production base, set design, development, production, sales, service development Home Furnishing enterprise).

overall cabinet ten brands list NO.3, CACAR CACAR (CACAR was founded in 1994, focusing on the cabinet for 18 years, becoming one of the leading enterprises in China’s cabinet industry). " wisdom is the crystallization of human knowledge and morality, represents the direction of the times; Shang is the realm of human thought and behavior, reflecting the height of the times. "Wisdom? "Shang" has become the main trend of social life and values in the world today

the whole cabinet ten brands list NO.4, Optima OPPEIN (Optima Home Furnishing group Limited by Share Ltd, cabinets, the whole cabinet ten brands, ten brands Chinese whole kitchen cabinet industry, one of the leading enterprises, Chinese Federation cabinet Specialized Committee president of the unit, the national Ministry of construction "overall residential kitchen" standard units, domestic type the whole Home Furnishing integration service provider).

the whole cabinet ten brands list, NO.5 MK (Xin Ya Xin Ya Home Furnishing group – Hefei Rui Ya cabinet Co. Ltd., kitchen ten brands, 315 quality brand integrity, quality and integrity of the national level AAA brand enterprises, 100 China kitchen enterprises, set up 720 degree three-dimensional service system, the international integrated modern service Home Furnishing providers, large modern kitchen enterprise).

the whole cabinet ten brand rankings, NO.6 YALIG’YALIG (Anhui YALIG’ smart Home Furnishing Co., China cabinet ten brands, China green products, consumers preferred brand, 100 Chinese cabinet enterprise "