contemporary high standard of living, for the wedding, the wedding is very particular about the selection, the wedding shop is very good to make money, you want to open the house and the success of your silly shop, when the purchase must pay attention to the following three points.

1, purchase wearing

to a station, the wholesale market well, everyone wearing all kinds of, but you can’t think what to wear to purchase nothing. Although there are specific requirements for the purchase of not wearing, but remember not to dress up too fashionable and elegant clothes, do not wear high heels! Purchase is a liqihuo, if walking is too unstable high-heeled shoes, no one will take you when getting goods? If you are familiar. Has been a regular store, see the style, can make those wholesalers delivery except wedding.

2, purchase tools


if we are ready to purchase large, pull a two wheeled car is no doubt your identity, probably a kind of block 20-30 (no way ah, now a lot of people to buy retail claims to take the goods, then buy one or two, wholesalers very depressed)

3, purchase terms

common are: " " " how? What number? " " group "?;.

and wedding wholesaler will ask, where do you do? How long? Age ah? Some may ask, the store is much ah? Now there’s business is good to do? Like, wholesalers also fear of being cheated too, but I guess the more afraid of wasting time. If you are ready to pretend to be experienced, the best to make a plan, lest ask to be suspected, wholesalers is not good, then the cooperation.