now has a lot of friends to choose the shop, shop is not luck, rely on the skills. Here we recommend the shop should know the 30 words, and a small series to see it!

1. "heaven, earth and man" is good for success, also cannot do without this old saying

2. will open up; can be higher than the sky, but forget down-to-earth, every step is running again;

3. anti fraud, anti counterfeit and anti thief, the three have a liking for this new human, "three" after reading but also keep in mind;

4. do not believe in advertising, don’t join, do not purchase online, this "three" should also keep in mind, because you do not have sufficient discretion;

5. from the Department of the school, from the little things, from small remember this number, "three small" can make you less hang in the shop early;

6. store, a good supply, good eloquence, and strive to become the "three" the owner, this will get you closer to success;

7. shop is hard, 08 years may shop More than ever hard, happiness and success is hard and difficult to digest over;

8. is only the most suitable for their own direction, there is no absolute good direction, choose to shop project and business class direction problems according to their location;

9. the first to remember that "men fear into the wrong line, female afraid to marry the wrong husband, think of another shop after saying" no money, industry and business, not only to make money and store ";

10. novice shop, personally watch the store than you think one hundred ways to guide others more effectively;

11. to learn professional knowledge of clothing, for example fabric of distinction, such as color collocation, can not in shop, but not without learning ability;

12. there is no absolute good sources, and only rely on yourself to find the most suitable for your goods;

13. Dealing with wholesalers, become friends with the wholesalers, become his customers love, it will be good for you;

14. site to run the road, ask some people else, the shop can charge less snacks,

15. to learn how to sell clothing collocation, clothing and accessories collocation. The new shoes and dress collocation, and vintage collocation, collocation will let you sell goods on   16 wild with joy; do not follow suit, sellers do not hurry, put the mind steady, quick success may make you

17. no matter how The loss outweighs the gain.; your mood, no matter in front of what happened to every customer into the store smiling;

18. customers not to speak, to learn empathy, customers want to want to say love to listen to the customer, to do business without adult

> margin;