city to speed up the process, so that migrant workers increased year by year, when everyone is pouring in the big city, you can find home business, then choose home business what the project is better? Want to do ordinary, and that no new ideas, want to innovate, but it is hard to find. Looking for a lot, summed up the next, I feel that the following a few pretty good:

1. green farming:

working in Guangzhou, home to 12 acres of land to be deserted; if you return home to do green farming, home land just come in handy; you don’t have to pay the rent, and save a part of the cost of rent; engage in farming it is best to do with the nature of the farmhouse, such products can be sold to


2. open a special restaurant:

eat, is never recession topic. The food and beverage industry is how many years, never recession. As long as the characteristics of the shop, profit is very optimistic. In the first tier cities, such as "Dark Restaurant", "robot restaurant" "revolving restaurant" and so on are very common, but in the home town, such a new shop, but also less. The youngster has bold innovation thinking, can consider to try; once the hype, we have taken the early adopters of the odd mentality, can bring a lot of exposure to the store.

3. do catering information software agents:

a lot of rich people, are going to open a restaurant, the restaurant opened many people, do restaurant service tools, but also a wise choice. The prime minister also proposed the trend of the era of catering information, and in accordance with so many years of development, high-end restaurant has long been the use of management software for many years. The small and medium-sized restaurant is a blank. In particular, the county town, a few years ago, our home town, every family has installed the Internet, but the town, the county most of the restaurants are still using manual accounting, management software and affiliate marketing is not much. This gap is also a market opportunity. Three meals is devoted to food and beverage services to small and medium sized restaurant management system, their agent business mainly in the county seat. Moreover, the proxy threshold is very low, it is suitable for the beginning of the agent to do poineering work.

4. County errands services:

only need to have a public number, you can attract people in the county, have to pay attention to. Ordinary public number can send a bit of lace news, county news, etc.. Can also increase the room service, run errands, fetching express etc.. Buy errands, running errands to do errands, send money, run errands. Any chores can be done free errands, remote service, express delivery, send a cake, flowers, food delivery, buy things, government departments work. Do such a WeChat circle, it is possible to seize the opportunity to WeChat and intelligent machines in the county seat. Do errands services, can