in this harvest season, you also gain a lot? Want to shop when the boss? Now what is the most profitable investment? If you don’t know how to make money, then taught you how to make money to open a jewelry store? What is the most profitable investment? What can you do to keep their money fast? This needs someone to teach you, to make money fast.

A lot of people on the

accessories are very close narrowed, at the same time as jewelry with a small investment, high profit, quick return characteristics, so as to many business people are preferred, which is caused by the current domestic market jewelry stores blossom everywhere situation, but has just started, many ornaments shop is still in lack of individual combat, experience and ability to judge the market, resulting in a blind investment, blindly follow the trend blindly to join.

now what the most profitable one: the location of


1. Shop costs

(monthly rent is generally, half a year pay, pay) + transfer fee (no new appearance fees (+) into the supermarket) + health + tax fee (around the business management department) + management fees (some not)

2. Where is the site chosen?

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