some business failure, there will be a successful business, and for many operators, these business success is naturally a lot of experience can be learned. My name is Ke Huibin, Wenling people, engaged in cigarette business for more than 20 years, from twenty years ago to now has its own real estate business cart the tobacco shop. Memories of the growth of small shops, I summed up the following experience:

win in product line. And my shop is the closest to the people of Zhejiang Supermarket Co., Ltd., in the face of strong competitors, I shortened the product line, mainly engaged in cigarettes, wine, beverages. For some people who are nervous, convenience is more attractive than the product.

win at the point. I walked into the store, you can always see the big advertising, introducing a new product feature information, through advertising, electronic display screen, KT version of vivid image display, so that consumers can be more intuitive, more accurately capture the cigarette brand characteristic, which reduces the time cost of consumer choice in a certain extent.

win in information update. I am very focused on the maintenance of the old customers, for the loyalty of consumers, I set up a "consumer information", the latest release of the tobacco business enterprises in a timely manner, through their feedback, quickly capture consumer trends, clear cigarette consumption trends, consumer demand, consumer willingness, and thus I fast changing business ideas. I also set up the experience area, to encourage consumers to try new cigarette consumption, and through the QQ group, WeChat and other timely new publicity, so that consumers do not glance out the cigarette business world.

win at distance. After a long period of observation and research, I found that the distance has a small impact on cigarette management. The people of Zhejiang Supermarket Co. Ltd. is located in the Dongcheng road and Taiping South Road junction, the surrounding parking position lack, generally, from the point to the supermarket parking counter purchase cigarettes closest distance of 50 meters, the love for some people this is convenient for a considerable distance. And from my home near the parking lot to my shop about 10 meters away, I also took delivery to the car, delivery service to the people.

win in service convenience. I opened a shop in the child’s help, selling drinks and wine, mainly local consumer groups around the wedding, holiday needs, and carry out door-to-door service, not only by other drinks sales driven cigarette shop business, provides more convenience to customers, and won the praise of customers.

is also a shop, Ke Huibin why can be so successful? This is a natural skill that can be mastered by us. Of course, if you are a shopkeeper, Ke Huibin’s business skills will also have a good reference for your store operations, and thus help your shop to create a higher profit.