in 12th Five-Year in the last year, many Chinese college students enthusiasm for innovation began to rise, the proportion of the rapid increase in the number of entrepreneurs to solve the employment problem of many students. However, there are many problems in our college students entrepreneurship.

A new era of

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" has come. This is also a college students "surplus", employment difficult times. Promote entrepreneurship, on the one hand can ease the pressure of social employment, on the other hand, can promote the advantages of college students, rich experience, make up their own experience short board.

now, "start" in the click rate rising, but is always much less attention and practice. Data show that the proportion of college graduates in China has been less than 15% of the entrepreneurial attempt, which is less than the entrepreneurial rate of 1%. Deputy director of the provincial employment service Yang Jun said, the vertical perspective, our province college students overall numbers increased year by year; but the horizontal, especially with the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other "entrepreneurial heights" compared to our province college students’ Entrepreneurship atmosphere, there is a great gap between the environment and the progress of.

A from "hot words" to "warm up", ready for "a load of strong"

around the lack of experience of our province continue to increase entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship mentor and student entrepreneurs "one to one" helping; carry out entrepreneurship competition in different areas, for college students to build training platform.

"Hong Zhexuan" in our province is a network technology company engaged in business related services, from the initial 3 computer and 2 staff, has been the development of entrepreneurial enterprises adult income about 2000000 yuan, directly drove more than 300 college students’ employment. CEO Li Jiening is a typical, the entrepreneurship of college students he admitted that since the beginning of the funds, personnel, experience, recommended enterprises