whether in the city or in the township area of Malatang is a popular delicacy, a variety of different line strings so that each consumer love are not released, the development of the times change makes the different brand Malatang project market, these brands, my Malatang is this dark field just a few years, popular in the city all the alley.

I have what

Malatang joining policy

The new

Laoniang Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2012, headquartered in the beautiful scenery, strong cultural atmosphere of the Suzhou. The company since the beginning of the establishment, established a foothold in Suzhou, to the country "brand development strategy, vigorously promote its self catering brand" Laoniang malatang". With the brand solid foundation and excellent operation team, "Laoniang Malatang" after several years of rapid development, now has more than and 300 stores in all regions of the country. Yu Laoniang Catering Management Co., adhere to the win-win idea of the market, trying to provide the franchisee to provide easy, fast and efficient service to join. From the initial opening to join the marketing, to provide full technical guidance for the analysis we have every franchisee, helping them to avoid risks, to realize their dreams. Such a good brand, join the policy is what?

join the policy as follows:

join support:

site selection support: headquarters sent professional inspection, provide professional advice

decoration support: franchisees to provide details of the store, the headquarters for the store free design

product support: headquarters of innovative products, distribution to the store, confirm consumption

opening support: free of charge for the franchisee to provide relevant training

operations support: irregular market observation, on-site guidance

advertising support: headquarters in the country’s major media publicity, providing brand awareness

logistics support: a unified logistics system, the first time the product shelves

technical support: headquarters exclusive formula, competitors can not imitate

protection support: do not open other stores within the scope of the contract

distribution process:

Yu Laoniang Catering Management Company Limited has established a professional and efficient distribution center in Suzhou headquarters and headquarters in Hunan, fast logistics.