expands dried fruit market, we have set up in the eyes of the goose, with the emergence of well-known brand nuts such as: such as three squirrels, Ichiban shop, becheery etc. we can see the development opportunities in the future market of nuts, dry pot to join the selected items to choose what is good?

from the development of dried fruits, since the reform and opening up, with the improvement of people’s living standard, demand for dried fruit with dried fruit in the market continued to expand, to provide a great impetus to the development of the fruit industry, according to the survey, basically, every family will have to buy fruit in a certain period of habit. Visible fruit market outlook. In the future, with the continuous development of our economy, I believe there will be dried Baicao garden to join the market more development space.

How to join

BaiCaoYuan nuts

BaiCaoYuan nuts join has the following advantages:

green natural: from natural growth, collection, processing, no harmful to the human body chemical additives, fully meet the growing needs of modern green health.

nutrition and health: containing biological elements in a variety of health benefits, food benefits to the body, especially the green natural nature, is completely healthy food.

delicious health: natural fragrance, crisp, sweet and delicious, simple sense, make people feel pure, natural, cordial, lead a person to endless aftertastes. Not only that, many are in the nuts roasted seeds and nuts products on the basis of traditional, through careful research, combined with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition developed many nourishing health, nutritious and delicious, the four seasons are suitable diet products.

BaiCaoYuan franchise high-end fashion: with dried green natural, healthy and delicious food trend growing trend, combined with the original health products by cultural quality products, carefully designed for different ages and the function of the product portfolio, with excellent brand packaging, make green fashion, noble Luxuries.

in order to join the largest development, BaiCaoYuan nuts also launched a special seven operational support, including five security operations, including technical support, training support, distribution, advertising promotional planning support special support, and five operational security risk protection system, perfect the strict regional protection policies is one of the the reason for investors. The protection and support, so that stores can improve operation strategy, optimize inventory, and standardize the market behavior, to ensure the brand’s market visibility and reputation, promote the sustained and healthy development of the entire brand. Join the union invited preferential roasted seeds and nuts dried fruit, create the ideal.

we all know the current situation of the development of dried fruit industry >