this year, the major Internet giants have announced a narrow recruitment, it seems that the overall employment situation next year is still not optimistic. College students employment pressure year after year height, prompting more people into the path of entrepreneurship after graduation plan.

11 month, campus recruitment usher in the peak period. Data show that in 2016 the number of university graduates in more than 7 million 700 thousand, plus abroad (course) in previous graduates and unemployed returnees, estimated there will be 10 million people competing for limited jobs. The 2016 college students employment situation is still grim, job seekers, where to go.

however, this year the situation has some special. At the beginning of September, the Internet giant Alibaba announced that due to the group’s talent strategy adjustment, the Alibaba will reduce the number of school recruit 2016. After a long time, Baidu announced the temporary suspension of large-scale social recruitment, Tencent also announced the freezing of outsourcing recruitment. In the eyes of many people in the industry, the employment situation of college graduates in 2016 is still not optimistic.

"according to the present situation, at the macro level downtown pressure on the economy this year, the number of enterprises to enter the campus campus recruitment as compared to previous years did not decrease, but the number of job offers relative reduction." Zhaopin campus Department of national training and business development manager Longfeng pointed out that on the one hand is the rising supply of graduates, on the one hand is the enterprise needs to reduce the number of jobs, "so, the overall situation of the 2016 session of the college students’ employment is still severe."

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