now no matter what the industry’s shop, if you want a hot business development, in fact, need to carry out related promotional work. However, how to do a good job related to the promotion, but it has become a problem plagued countless shopkeepers. So, how to do a good job in the promotion of paint shop?

in many cases, the paint business tends to be stable, and we want to open more paint market, inject positive energy to more fresh paint market, at the same time can improve our paint sales, effectively expanding the paint brand, so that our paint in the market occupy the market more stable.

but not to do promotional activities, especially when the paint store business is particularly important when light.

in our pre paint promotional activities, we must have an understanding of the market, the more thorough understanding of the better; secondly we should carry on the paint promotional activities, learn more about the painter’s needs and complaints, engineering problems.


is ready, we can begin to plan the promotion of brand paint; when planning, we must make sure, where do we do activities? How long does it take? How do you do it? To achieve what kind of effect, and so on, we must have a detailed plan and expected results in advance.

For example: we

paint brand stores to do promotional activities, specifically for the decoration painting do promotion, so we can consider the home, where are these people often play, so to attract them? The general Jiezhuang paint paint, decoration company, the head of household, contractors and so on, so we are the best as far as possible to collect their contact information, such as phone numbers; paint before the promotion, we will have an information notification by SMS or call to tell the painter / decoration company in our paint shop to engage in promotional activities, and to make some of the more attractive gimmick.

Second step

is propaganda; including posters, leaflets issued and so on, can expand the scope of the paint for the promotion, let more users, painter, decoration company know; paint store door, walls and so on as much as possible to do good.

the third step, we need to prepare some gifts, such as thermos, towels, razors and other living supplies, you can send in promotions when a large range, noting that these small objects with the best we paint the name of the store.

Fourth step

specific promotion plan paint promotional activities, is we need to do promotions, such as buy how much to send, how much to buy a small items and so on, can be as much as possible so that the painter remember our paint store name, and to promote a wide range of transactions.