era of environmental protection, the way to travel everywhere on the electric car electric car brand figure, people love to choose long life time when the purchase of electric vehicles, the most even halfway without electricity, and this common situation is to inspire Xue Gaofeng entrepreneurship.

forces an old head to help him, will be a fast charging technology, which makes his "conversion" products are the core technology. Xue Gaofeng and the research of Nanjing Market: Nanjing has about 900 thousand electric bicycles, public transport is convenient. Although the market is huge, but the current service can not keep up. And electric vehicle charging station project investment is low, fast, suitable for people in the community to start a business, or with small shops along the street. In Hangzhou, only the main city currently has nearly 500 fast charging stations, a great convenience to cyclists.

The direct cost of electricity is only

experts: a good project is the core technology, two is enough consumer customers, the rest of the entrepreneurs need business minded. 900 thousand electric bikes run in the street, but the consumption of the service is the service of the middle of the car, so that the crowd will shrink a lot. Only the use of brains, in the consumer most in need of service in his side.

The prospects for the development of



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